I am talking about teaching photography: light

The best things to eat come from the Earth: fruits, salt, spices, the ingredients of bread, vegetables and more. These wondrous substances receive energy from the sun. The sun gives us light and heat.


Photography is a combination of two Greek words: photo, meaning ‘light’ and ‘graph’, meaning ‘drawing’. Photographers create with light. Regardless of subject matter, a photograph records light.

To become a food photographer, one must first be aware of the relationship between the food and light. Light reveals the photographer’s thoughts about the food.

IMG_5244The photograph above has a very even light. The exposure was made in the late afternoon. The camera determined the exposure automatically.

vegetables composed in rows

I prefer this photograph, which has been modified only a little.

Below is a composite of the two photos, some sections are untouched, some were given a small and simple amount of processing, using PicMonkey.

vegetables composition comparisonLook at the above. I increased the size of the untouched images to make it easier to see the differences. I will explain the changes in my next post. If you have any questions about anything related to food photography, please ask. I have a degree in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology. The Bubiko photos are all taken with an iPhone 6s and basic free image processing software. Simply: learn to appreciate light and your photos will be stronger. The gear really doesn’t matter. It is about what you see. and your vision.


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