Vege station Day!

Vegestation Thunder Tea Rice Soup

When I am like thunder tea rice in Johor Jaya, I often go to Vegestation. The green tea mixture they use is very good. It is not sweet, but it is not bitter. It is full of the flavor of herbs, but does not taste like medicine. It is not watery, it is not too thick. It is just right. The tea is poured on vegetables and rice. This time, white rice was used and it was fresh and wholesome, as were the vegetables. The peanuts crunched like they were freshly toasted. Aroi mak mak!


Vegestation waiter_

Vegestation Thunder Tea RiceThe big person I was with ordered vegetarian baku teh. We had a big fight about  whether the meat was made from mushrooms or tofu skins. We both agreed  that it was a great baku teh, especially because they used an herbal soup.

Vegestation baku teh

Vegestation baku teh_I heart Johor Jaya.


Two locations:

Vegestation  36 Jalan Dedap 19, Tmn Johor Jaya   tel: 07-361-1926

Vegestation II 97, Jalan Harmonium 33-1 Tmn Desa Tebrau  tel: 07-358-7531


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